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International Trade Consulting, Management, and Compliance Services

Risk Management
Businesses that foresee risks and capitalize on opportunities maintain an advantage over those that don’t. With our unique depth and breadth of expertise in international supply chains, we can find cost savings and efficiencies in your supply chain because we look where others do not.

Compliance above all else
Our philosophy is to do the right thing even when nobody is looking.  We work tirelessly to ensure compliance is intact in all we put our hands to.  We find the philosophy of “everyone else does it” to be repugnant.  That means we hold ourselves to a high standard of honesty and transparency.  Therefore, we stay in constant contact with you and with Customs to ensure we work collaboratively to achieve the level of compliance expected by those who are responsible for its enforcement. “You go; we go; but not by carelessness.”

You do not have to go it alone!

Business Intelligence

Global trade is a dynamic environment.  Rules change and rates fluctuate effecting the bottom-line.  Data is foundational to evaluating the effects and making decisions that mitigate the risk to the business.  To whatever smallest denomination of your inventory control unit, we can compile the necessary data and present an analysis of the programs we are managing for you.  We strive to find innovative ways for you to leverage advantages, mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Size does not matter
While we tailor our services around your needs, that is not contingent upon your size.  We are purposefully small so that our services may be agile for large clients and robust for small clients.  We believe that there is a path of success for clients of every size and our specialty is to bring our expertise to everyone equally.  Whether you have a trade compliance staff or no in-house expertise, we can fill the void that will achieve your global trade goals.

Solutions tailored to your needs
You are not a cookie cutter business and we do not have cookie cutter ideas. We take the time to listen and learn about your culture, systems, and operations. We collaborate with you to develop tailored solutions with well defined client-specific standard operating procedures. We incorporate regularly scheduled business reviews to evaluate performance metrics so that direct and timely feedback can be exchanged. We will capitalize and improve upon what is working well and implement change for anything that is not meeting expectations.

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Program Management
We manage a wide range of industry sectors and multi-level government programs.  We are able to efficiently execute all levels of your trade program from simple data entry to managing the entire process up to and including vendor improvement and compliance.  You are able to rely on our expertise to ensure that no matter what the trade conditions, your global supply-chain remains compliant within the bound of the program requirements.

Client Matter Expert (CME)
Business is only as effective as the relationship it is built upon.  By keeping the primary contact direct and dedicated, they become a “client matter expert” who can communicate with you on any work being done within AGL on your account and ensure there is continuity in the work product.  They will also be responsible to manage expectations and deadlines.  AGL is dedicated to ensuring that you always feel valued and well cared for.

Alignment of competencies is profitable
You are the expert in your industry, and we are the expert in ours.  While we each may understand the nature of the other, that is not where our individual profit is found.  You have a product to bring to market and we have a service that eases that entry.  It is a perfect alignment of competencies that brings success to us both.  Our services allow you to have ample access to global trade expertise without increasing your costs or reducing your profitability.