Technology also gave us a greater responsibility for regulatory logistics compliance while providing the tools to ensure that is maintained.  However, the changes in either technology or compliance have not slowed down.  It has become increasingly important to have top consulting firms review processes or even partner with trade compliance management companies so you can focus on your core business.

  As a licensed Customs Broker with global procurement experience in manufacturing, as well as, logistics experience in distribution, I am able to understand details most in the industry cannot. Along with professional staff and strategic partners, our portfolio, including FTZ operations has been developed to leverage technology for mitigating risk and capitalizing opportunity.  

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective, comprehensive consulting and service portfolio to clients that mitigate risk while maintaining best practice operational efficiencies as well as to provide personal and professional development opportunities for employees based on core values which strengthen the organization’s commitment to the highest ethical standards.


Commitment to do what is right in all we do, including FTZ operations, even if no one is looking!

Welcome to Arizona Gateway Logistics!

When I started in the international trade industry back in the late 80s, automation was a technology disruption that began giving greater access to US companies and US marketplaces.  Since then, we have seen an explosion in logistics of what is possible through automation.  I firmly believe we will see another disruption soon brought about by Blockchain.  We continue to live in exciting times and work in a dynamic industry!

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  • Encourage a culture based on respect, transparency, collaboration and direct feedback in all aspects
  • Cultivate transformative relationships from traditional client/employee to partnerships
  • Communicate early and often with partners; bad news does not smell better with age!
  • Ensure responsible fiscal stewardship over all assets; ours and yours
  • Create tangible value for partners through well-defined processes and innovative improvements