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You have had a positive outcome of the feasibility study and now cannot figure out how to get this approved.  We can help you through the entire approval process.  It is multi-faceted and our core competency.  We know the documents you need to provide, municipal approvals needed and what it takes to be compliant with CBP.  We run the application like a project and keep things accurate, timely and efficient throughout the entire process.

What we can do for YOU

Audit Services
You know that periodic reviews are required to ensure compliance but are not sure how to manage that and stay objective, not to mention employed.  We understand by experience the demand to keep the business running without disruption and finding an issue may fall on deaf ears.  We conduct unobtrusive yet through audits that will focus on the compliance target areas.  Then, give an objective analysis that includes any corrective actions necessary to maintain compliance.  We accomplish successful outcomes through our unique approach to influencing change which is not heavy-handed judgmental or dismissive.

You do not need to be the expert...We are!

Arizona Gateway Logistics
International Trade Consulting, Management, and Compliance Services

Zone Operations
Now that you are approved or have been approved for some time, you are not sure you have the ins and outs down and staying compliant is a priority.  We ensure you stay that way.  If all you need is a tune up and cost-effective risk assessment to your current operations, we have the skill-set to be that extra pair of eyes.  If you want a specialist to manage your zone on your behalf, we have the personnel to either be dedicated to just that.  We are also able to do all the customs transactions you need for the zone through our specialized software.  We ensure that everything we put our hands to is compliant.  This service at any level is where our partnership truly grows because we share in this effort with you.

You have heard there are some substantial savings to be realized in an FTZ but do not know if your organization can qualify.  We can help answer that for you.  We study your supply chain and the international component to determine if an FTZ is a viable option.  That is quantified by realistic potential cost-savings.

What is a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ)?
FTZs are secure areas within the port limits of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office and under their supervision. The FTZ is generally considered to be constructively outside CBP territory upon activation. In other words, they offer the opportunity for an organization engaged in international trade to use foreign merchandise in their operation before the duty obligation is satisfied. This moves the cash flow from the point of importation closer to the point of sale or use.

DISTRIBUTOR: ship direct to the paying customer, they get to leverage the incoming revenue to pay the duty obligation and not their own cash.

MANUFACTURER: produce an end product that has reduced or no duty obligation assigned to it, they get to leverage that duty rate to pay the duty obligation rather than the component rate.

BOTH: any merchandise exported has no duty obligation which is a financial advantage over Duty Drawback which returns only 99% of the duty paid, interest-free; not a wise use of cash!

In Arizona, we have up to 72% reduction in property tax on an FTZ's activated area!